Reach For The Stars


Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society is thrilled to announce the inception our newest program offered specifically for individuals with Down syndrome in Mississippi, ages 18 and up and wanting to further their education after completing high school.

Time goes on and learning doesn’t stop after high school and CMDSS wants to help individuals with Down syndrome in Mississippi reach their highest potential.

CMDSS is establishing its first ever grant scholarship to adults with Down syndrome, residing in Mississippi, who are seeking post-secondary education, enrichment or vocational classes.

CMDSS seeks to create awareness of the capabilities of these incredible individuals while helping them achieve their dreams of furthering their education and work skills.

More information will be available soon, but we need your assistance in assuring this program will succeed.

Would you be willing to donate for this needed program to be established and help someone right here in Mississippi achieve their full potential?

We are working to reach a match of $500.00 that has been designated specifically for the launch of this new post-secondary scholarship program.

Every donation will be matched, dollar-to-dollar, up to the amount of $500.00.

That is only 50 people willing to donate $10/each.

Or, 20 people willing to donate $25/each.

Won’t you join us in this effort of making dreams come true?

Donate online today,

Or, mail your donation to: CMDSS, PO Box 935, Jackson, MS 39205

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