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Buddy Blend Coffee

Skills for Life: The Perfect Blend

The Buddy Blend Coffee project blends together community, life skills and awareness into one package. CMDSS has partnered with a local coffee roaster allowing adults with Down syndrome to learn life and job skills. The goal of this program is to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome by providing them with the skills and support they need to lead productive, active, and independent lives, while giving them an opportunity to feel vested in their building. 

Adults with Down syndrome face numerous challenges that prevent them from fully participating in society. One of the most significant challenges is the lack of job skills. Job skills are essential for individuals with Down syndrome to become more independent and self-reliant, to make their own money, and to become full and productive members of society. Future plans include partnerships with the community to assist in finding permanent job placement for the participants of the project.

By working together to package Buddy Blend Coffee, Buddies will practice essential life skills and job skills such as following steps in a process, measuring the weight of items, scooping and pouring, using simple machines, communicating with team members and so much more. The Mississippi Council on Developmental Disabilities, in part, assisted with the start up funding for the Buddy Blend project.

We have partnered with the UMMC School of Health Related Professions to allow students to work one-on-one with our Buddies while allowing critical experience for the students. 

Ways to support the Buddy Blend project!

*Buy our coffee! We currently have both 4 oz and 12oz bags of our Buddy Blend coffee (whole bean and ground), packaged by Buddies and available for purchase at the CMDSS Buddy Center. The cost of these bags are $5 for 4oz and $15 for 12 oz. 667 US 51 Suite C, Ridgeland, MS 39157. 

The purchase of this coffee directly supports free programs for individuals with Down syndrome at the CMDSS Buddy Center. Donate to the Buddy Blend Project. OR purchase an item off our wishlist to help with supplies.

How to brew our coffee!

Ways to participate!

Are you interested in your loved one with Down syndrome applying for the Buddy Blend project? Complete the application here.

Interested in a bulk order, holiday or just have a general question? Email buddyblend@cmdss.org

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