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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

P.O. Box 935
Jackson, MS 39205
601-385-DOWN (3696)

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Mannsdale Upper Elementary School is the latest CMDSS Special Education Grant Recipient.

The Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society (CMDSS) was thrilled to present Mannsdale Upper Elementary School students with an Apple iPad for their classroom. This resource is available through the Special Education Grant Program offered by CMDSS. This grant was created for educators to purchase classroom materials to enhance the educational opportunities for students with Down syndrome.

CMDSS is a parent-driven non-profit organization that provides support services for parents of children with Down syndrome and promotes awareness, acceptance, and inclusion of individuals with Down syndrome. For more information on CMDSS or available grants, please visit Our Grants Homepage.

2020 Buddy Walk

“Mostly Virtual” October 10th / 9am-1pm

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