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Waites, Cole

Every loving parent, whether their child has a disability or not, wants their children’s lives to be both mentally and physically struggle free (as much as possible). There is nothing that can show a parent’s vulnerability more so than their children when presented with challenging circumstances. When Cole was born, we were totally unprepared for the diagnosis of Down syndrome. Neither of us knew anything about DS and felt utterly helpless as we came to realize the impact and all it entailed.

The intense emotion was surreal. At the time, it felt like a dream from which we would wake and everything would be as we anticipated. I just knew that the neonatologist was wrong when he told us he suspected our baby had DS, and I told him so. Cole was such a beautifully perfect baby boy. After all, he didn’t look like he had DS to us. No, it just couldn’t be true. Nevertheless, as the day grew closer to the confirmation of the test that would conclusively reveal the diagnosis, we prepared ourselves to accept what we really already knew in our hearts. As I think back to that day, the tears we shed, and the sadness we felt, I only wish I knew then what I know now.

You are definitely in for the most fabulous ride of your life.

In reality, we should have celebrated because little did we know how blessed our lives had just become. Literally, we had hit the jackpot – the most beloved and cherished gift had been bestowed upon us. God had given us our own little angel on earth to love… our own little ray of sunshine to teach us compassion and acceptance, make each and every day brighter, and fill our lives with bountiful laughter and immense happiness. God had blessed us with an extra special measure of love and favor in the form of a very precious treasure. He had allowed us the privilege of being the parents of a special needs child – one of His greatest creations – our son, Cole. We are so blessed to be one of the lucky ones. Yes, I said lucky! It is quite the honor because not every parent is chosen to serve.


So, to you I say CONGRATULATIONS for being one of the chosen ones. As hard as it may seem to fathom – you have just received one of the greatest gifts ever! Welcome to the most wonderful team on earth. As the days went on, it took time to research and determine the best possible care and approach for our sweet baby, but with the help of those who had been down the same path before us and through other supportive organizations, books and internet research (which we were told not to do, but we did it anyway) we learned, day by day, the unique circumstances our child would face and we made ourselves experts in the field. Today, it is just second nature. It is not overwhelming because we continue to take it one day at a time. We keep learning and seeking guidance on how best we can help our child succeed. And one day, you will be able to encourage, enlighten and congratulate other parents just as we are doing for you now.

Truly, in a lot of ways we, as society, are the “handicapped” ones because Cole has taught us so much more than we will ever be able to teach him about what is really important in life. In addition, the accomplishments we initially thought Cole would never reach are all notions of the past. He has surpassed each and every one and more! Do some accomplishments take a little longer to reach? Sure, but isn’t that true of us all? Nobody runs a race at the same pace. Upon others learning of the diagnosis, the words, “I’m sorry” come forth, to which I say that there is no need in the world to be sorry because Cole is one of the best blessings that has ever happened to us. It is my humble pleasure and quite the honor to raise such a spectacular child of God.

Our 14 year old son is funny, smart, thoughtful, and extraordinarily handsome! He is compassionate, kind, and friendly. He has quite the personality and is very social. He forgives easily and does not hold grudges even when his feelings are hurt. He never considers anyone less of a person than he. Cole loves unconditionally and is accepting of all. He is not arrogant or proud. He does not see color or nationality, rich or poor, young or old. He sees no differences at all. No matter what – he will always be your friend. He is quite the sportsman and athlete as his hobbies include playing with Nerf guns, WWE, football, basketball, swimming and hunting. He also enjoys cooking and hanging out with friends.

We are so blessed that the Lord allowed us to be the parents of such an amazing boy. Our lives are so much richer and fuller because of our sweet Cole. One of the greatest fortunes in life God so graciously bestowed to us. Let that sink in for a minute. I will say it again… one of the greatest fortunes in life God so graciously bestowed to you and me! I sincerely believe that God has a plan for everyone’s life, and I thank Him for choosing us to experience this wonderfully unique path. My character and faith have been transformed to a level that I may have never reached had I not experienced this journey which has opened my eyes to so much.

So, once again, CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to the most wonderful club you will ever have the honor in which to serve. And hang on. You are definitely in for the most fabulous ride of your life. This experience will fill you with more determination and joy than you’ve ever imagined. It just simply confirms God’s love, devotion and adoration for us, which we, in turn, provide to our children. Truly, it is all worth it and more.

Please know that we are all on this journey together, so if we can ever be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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