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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

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These reflections, written by family members and loved ones of a child with Down syndrome, provide peace and encouragement to new families experiencing similar situations. We would love to share your story.

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Amelia White

Congratulations! If you are reading this, then you have probably just had a beautiful baby placed in your arms. What a miracle and gift from God! In Psalm 139:13-14, it says, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; […]

Brady Bennett

In September of 2003, our only son was welcomed into our family. It only took a few minutes after birth that the Doctor diagnosed Brady with Down syndrome, and right there Brady Bennett made his first splash in this world. The news was rather shocking to say the least, and many concerns flooded our minds. […]

Caitlyn Stewart

When Caitlyn was born with Down syndrome, I was worried about her health more than the Down syndrome. She had a heart defect, and as a new parent not knowing what to expect, it was unsettling. She had two heart surgeries, but I was assured by her doctors that the success rate was 97-100%. As […]

Caroline Michele Wilkerson

It was the spring of 2001 when Bob and I found out that not only were we expecting, but that I was carrying twins. It was an exciting, but frightening, time in our lives. I had trouble carrying the pregnancies of our older two sons to term. Doctors recommended we “reduce” this pregnancy by one […]

Cole Waites

Every loving parent, whether their child has a disability or not, wants their children’s lives to be both mentally and physically struggle free (as much as possible). There is nothing that can show a parent’s vulnerability more so than their children when presented with challenging circumstances. When Cole was born, we were totally unprepared for […]

Finn Roberson

In 2015, we were the parents of 4 children ages 1-6 when we decided to get pregnant one last time. Boy were we surprised to hear it was twins! One boy and one girl who were growing together and seemed healthy. We spotted a tiny mark on the boy’s heart at 24 weeks and were […]

Hayden Elliott

Having two older sons, I know the joy that comes with having a baby. I also know the pain, sadness, and disappointment that comes with finding out your new baby has a disability. January 29, 2010, is a day I will never forget. The excitement and thrill, the oohs and ahhs, and the “oh, he […]

Henry McNeer

Receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome was the last thing I expected on my journey through parenthood, yet, that is exactly the diagnosis we received when Henry was born. I was scared and heartbroken because I thought I knew what that meant. Truth is, I was the one who was in the dark. I fell […]

Jared Giles

The opportunity to share our story is appreciated and we hope that it will inspire families and parents of children with the Trisomy 21 chromosome defect known as Down syndrome. After learning that Jared had Down syndrome, my questions were, “What will his quality of life as an adult be like? “and “Will he be […]

JoEllen Talley

I’m JoEllen Talley’s mom. We call her JoJo. The best way to tell you, as a new parent, how I feel about JoJo is to share excerpts from my personal journal entries from the days when JoEllen was born. I put them in chapters because when she’s old enough, we’re going to write a book […]

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