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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

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These reflections, written by family members and loved ones of a child with Down syndrome, provide peace and encouragement to new families experiencing similar situations. We would love to share your story.

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Asher Baucom

My wife, K’Anna, and I are parents to Bren, Asher and Ella. Asher has Down syndrome, a diagnosis that has changed how we see special needs. That diagnosis has done nothing to slow down our little boy. As I write this, he is dancing to the music from Moana with his sister’s shoes on his […]

Brady Bennett

In September of 2003, our only son was welcomed into our family. It only took a few minutes after birth that the Doctor diagnosed Brady with Down syndrome, and right there Brady Bennett made his first splash in this world. The news was rather shocking to say the least, and many concerns flooded our minds. […]

Walt Clingan

When my husband and I got pregnant, we were so excited and couldn’t wait to start a family. We never in a million years thought that our child would have Down syndrome, and I’ll never forget the moment I found out. It was just another normal day when my mother, who sells ultrasound machines, invited […]

Kate Cox

God brought our Kate, also known as Katie-bug , into our lives on December 20, 2011! To our surprise, we were informed that there was a possibility that she may have Down syndrome but would need genetic testing to confirm. I wish I knew on that day what I know now. I wouldn’t have been […]

Solon Carter Dobbs IV

My husband and I had been married for seven years before deciding we were ready to have a child, or at least we thought we were as ready as we would ever be. We had enjoyed our time together, worked on our careers, and traveled as much as possible. Fast-forward two years later…we discovered we […]

Zoe Beth Edwards

For nine months, my husband and I had been expecting a perfect, healthy baby girl. We had every test tell us that’s what we could expect. So when Zoe Beth was born and we were told we needed to run genetic tests, we were devastated. What just happened? What about our perfectly healthy baby we […]

Hayden Elliott

Having two older sons, I know the joy that comes with having a baby. I also know the pain, sadness, and disappointment that comes with finding out your new baby has a disability. January 29, 2010, is a day I will never forget. The excitement and thrill, the oohs and ahhs, and the “oh, he […]

Nia’Brooke French

Nia’Brooke is our ray of Sunshine even on cloudy days. At first we didn’t know what to expect from her diagnosis of Down syndrome. We were thinking the worst, but later found out that GOD gave us the best. She is a very loving child and doesn’t let challenges get in her way. I found […]

Jared Giles

The opportunity to share our story is appreciated and we hope that it will inspire families and parents of children with the Trisomy 21 chromosome defect known as Down syndrome. After learning that Jared had Down syndrome, my questions were, “What will his quality of life as an adult be like? “and “Will he be […]

Savannah Hartung

I had just turned 40 and was pregnant with my second child when I received a phone call from my doctor that would change my life. “Debbie, you’re having a girl, and she has DOWN SYNDROME.” I went to a specialist, who gave me a piece of paper with a list of possible problems, all […]

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