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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

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Ridgeland, MS 39157
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Cox, Kate


God brought our Kate, also known as Katie-bug , into our lives on December 20, 2011!

To our surprise, we were informed that there was a possibility that she may have Down syndrome but would need genetic testing to confirm. I wish I knew on that day what I know now. I wouldn’t have been worried so much and would have embraced the news that day.

Our lives would be dull without Kate.

Kate has been just like my other two kids other than moving on to the next stage a little bit slower, which has been nice because I truly get to enjoy each stage. She loves to sing, dance, read, jump on the trampoline, and most of all, likes to play with her brother and sister. She brings a smile to everyone she comes in contact with because she is always smiling. She loves to hug, never meets a stranger, and her laugh is contagious.

Our lives would be dull without Kate. She loves everyone and judges no one. She is excited about starting Kindergarten this fall and showing her new teacher that she can say her ABC’s and knows all her colors.

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