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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

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Helms, Wilson

The day Wilson was born our life changed forever, but I had no idea how beautiful of a journey would unfold. In the beginning, there were tears shed over the shock, concern for his health, and what the future looked like for us as a family. Little did I know how normal things would be, how Wilson would thrive, and how we would find joy in the unexpected.


We started from infancy in therapy, and that has given Wilson the tools to reach his potential. Now, those therapists have become more like family. The milestones that take a little longer to achieve cause for huge, jump for joy, celebrations. We waited longer than most kids to hear Wilson talk, but now he loves belting out “Happy Birthday to You. “Hey, everybody” is his go to greeting in public, and he leaves out no one. At times his smart mouth will even wind him up in time out.

Through Down syndrome we have found there is a great support group in our community, and I’ve made lifelong friends who I often look to for support and encouragement.

Most importantly, our sweet, outgoing, and adorable Wilson is leading a happy, fulfilled life. If you ever have the pleasure of meeting Wilson, it’s very evident by his infectious smile and laugh. Five years have passed quickly. I find myself learning from Wilson daily and thanking God for the extra chromosome that has made us enjoy life a little more.

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