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Central Mississippi Down Syndrome Society

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These reflections, written by family members and loved ones of a child with Down syndrome, provide peace and encouragement to new families experiencing similar situations. We would love to share your story.

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Wilson Helms

The day Wilson was born our life changed forever, but I had no idea how beautiful of a journey would unfold. In the beginning, there were tears shed over the shock, concern for his health, and what the future looked like for us as a family. Little did I know how normal things would be, […]

Julia Hogue

My third pregnancy was progressing well, just as my other 2 had. I was 31 years old, not considered high risk. Therefore, it was my choice not to have the genetic blood test done. Even at 18 weeks, everything looked well, measurements normal. However, at my 30-week check-up, our sweet girl had fluid on one […]

Mary Frances “Francie” Howie

When our third child was very young, we began to feel a call from the Lord to adopt a baby with Down syndrome. At first, the thought of adding a child with special needs to our already full plate felt overwhelming. However, we quickly realized what an honor it would be to have a precious […]

Kaylen Kellis Jackson

God blessed Lonnie and me with a beautiful baby girl name Kaylen “Kaybug” Jackson. I found out five months into my pregnancy that something was wrong. My regular OBGYN could not figure out what was wrong, so we were sent to an ultrasound specialist. My first pregnancy was great with no complications, so I felt […]

Tanner Knotts

Tanner Knotts is the youngest of three children. As one can imagine, he has them (and the rest of us) in the palm of his hand. His sisters, Loden and Elizabeth, were nine and six when Tanner completed our family. During my pregnancy we were referred to the geneticist for testing. We had been through […]

Lily Lape

“We believe that Lily has Down syndrome…” were the words spoken by our Neonatologist as I stood in the well-baby nursery holding the tiny fingers of our beautiful newborn little girl, and I honestly do not remember what was said after that. I do distinctly remember the immediate questions that went spiraling through my head. […]

Wayne McDowell

When I was younger, I would look at parents with children with Down syndrome and feel sorry for them. I actually remember hearing a parent refer to their child as “special,” and I just thought it was an easier way for them to deal with what had to be a sad situation. Well, on the […]

William Frederick McFadden

Oh, sweet mama… I recognize those tears. You’re probably still processing the fact that you’ve landed in Holland. We landed there, too, with our third son, Will. I want to tell you about a few of the windmills, tulips, and Rembrandts we have encountered in the last eight years. Wilster is learning to read and […]

Henry McNeer

Receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome was the last thing I expected on my journey through parenthood, yet, that is exactly the diagnosis we received when Henry was born. I was scared and heartbroken because I thought I knew what that meant. Truth is, I was the one who was in the dark. I fell […]

Leighton Myrick

It’s hard to sit down and write about all of the emotions surrounding my beautiful daughter’s birth. Just putting it into words is difficult because from the very beginning she was making her presence known in a very big way! Leighton Olivia Myrick was born January 30, 2009 at 11:10 a.m. She was beautiful and […]

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